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Allround entertainer- Swedish speaking

Allround entertainer- Swedish speaking
måndag 6 maj
Balearen, Spanien
15 har ansökt

Come and join our entertainment team in Spain for half a year and make sure the holidaymakers and yourself will have an amazing, unforgettable experience. This is how you can earn yourself enough money for your dream trip or your next study within six months. Plus you will build up your work experience in hotel entertainment.

A huge Club hotel or a smaller family hotel, together with your colleagues you make sure that the hotel guests have the time of their lives. You will make this happen with your positive attitude, flexibility and a and fascinating entertainment program. You need to organize all kind of different event such as a volleyball tournament an arts and crafts course or a stunning entertainment show for in the evening.

Not only the guest, but you will also have the time of your live because: 

  • You will get 2 for 1. Beautiful weather and every day you can do what you love the
  • You are hardworking.
  • Together with your colleagues, you make a party of every activity that you organize, whether it is for the younger or the older guest.

What do we offer you?

  • A good salary, based on skills and experience, between €800 and €1000 net per month.
  • Free shared accommodation in or nearby the hotel, plus food and drinks provided in the hotel.
  • The transfer to your hotel will be paid for and when your contract has ended, we pay for your ticket home!
  • Every week you will have one and a half days off and you can save your holiday days, which we will pay once your contract has ended.

Your skills: 

  • Flexibility: from taking that extra step to the mind-set: you go with the flow.
  • Add a good dose of hospitality, creativity, self-assurance and endless enthusiasm.

Preferably able to work for a complete season. Start immediately or ASAP to the end of October.

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Balearen, Spanien


Bröd 8 kr
Cappuccino 18 kr
Biobiljett 76 kr
Gymkort (Månadsvis) 389 kr
Kollektivtrafik (Månadsvis) 434 kr
5km taxi resa 7 kr
Liten lägenhet 5 068 kr
Mellanstor lägenhet 6 697 kr
Stor lägenhet 8 236 kr

Stadens toppkvalitéer

10/10 Tolerans
9/10 Säkerhet
9/10 Sjukvård
8/10 Boende

Klimat & Miljökvalité

70 / 100 Grönt & Parker
70 / 100 Luftkvalité
75 / 100 Skräpavfall
42.5 / 100 Dricksvattenkvalité
62.5 / 100 Rent & Fint


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